Enabling Business to Leverage Compliance

Compliance doesn’t have to be a burden, and it certainly shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of the auditor to make sure your company is compliant. When you leverage compliance by getting everyone involved, you reduce risk, increase visibility, and prepare for the future in ways that aren’t possible using old paradigms. An audit shouldn’t be a once-a-year burden, it should be an easy way of validating that your everyday processes are working and limiting your exposure to unnecessary risk.

Still using Word and Excel for audits or to “close the books”? Tisk Tisk


In our view, the significant investment of time and effort dedicated to implementing and improving compliance has been successful for the most part at avoiding litigation but has contributed little to improving business operations and risk management. The financial crisis of 2008, driven largely by non-compliant and often fraudulent sub-prime lending, which led to a significant number of corporate bankruptcies in other sectors is but one example of this disconnect.

The Problem

The high upfront costs, increasing cost by number of users/seats, long-term contractual commitment, complexity and associated training required, lengthy implementation typically requiring involvement by representatives of multiple internal functions, inability to access on all types of devices or “off network”, and/or the significant time commitment to populate leads organizations to a silo approach to the use of GRC software or to a decision to forgo GRC software and “manage” by using desktop software.

Our Solution

At BestGRC, we decided to take a completely different approach. Our software has no upfront cost, unlimited users/seats, 90-day commitment, ease-of-use with little to no training required, accessibility by PC/tablet/smartphone, and quick time-to-value via “quick-copy” from our Best, Inc. sample company. We believe that pervasive use of GRC software by all employees involved and at every point in the enterprise is the best approach to help achieve an organizations’ operational, financial, compliance and strategic objectives.

Our guiding principal is to help our subscribers “Leverage Compliance”.

iconOur Co-Founders

Glenn Murphy

Glenn Murphy spent 28 years in internal and external audit, with the 15 spent as Chief Audit Executive at three different publicly-held companies. He is passionate about improving business processes through simplification and the use of technology where appropriate.  Over the years he designed and oversaw the development of applications to automate/support vendor/factory compliance, asset protection/loss prevention, SOX compliance, internal audit, financial close, and licensing/royalty management.  Glenn sums up what he has learned and why he co-founded BestGRC thusly, “The most important lesson I’ve learned is that when technology is leveraged in an easy to use way to create structure, communication, transparency and accountability, the process becomes better understood and improvements become obvious.  Transparency also makes it easier to identify and recognize the efforts of those employees who consistently accomplish their assigned tasks.  Our technology strives to provide such insights.”  Glenn is passionate about helping business improve through use of our BestGRC software and via contributing to the profession through his volunteer efforts and “Leverage Compliance Blog”.

Brandon Spilove

Brandon Spilove is a veteran web, software, and database developer. He has been developing computer programs since the 4th grade when his parents hired a tutor to come to the house and teach him programming on his Commodore Vic20. In his professional career, Brandon has been the lead developer on numerous multi-million dollar systems, and truly understands how to solve business goals with software functionality and process. Brandon is a strategic thinker, and has the ability to visualize and articulate solutions to end users in a way that is intuitive and easy to understand. Brandon and Glenn developed BestGRC as a way of automating and centralizing a company’s risk management system in an industry largely managed through Word and Excel documents. BestGRC is a state-of-the-art system that is both flexible and intuitive, unlike many of it’s competitors. Brandon is responsible for developing custom GRC platforms for 2 other companies prior to building BestGRC. This makes Brandon uniquely qualified to lead the development on BestGRC and ultimately make it a success.