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Let your whole company access BestGRC, it won’t cost you any extra, and it’ll lead to widespread adoption.


Our “Dashboards” provide quick views to the data you define as most important

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Best, Inc. content-rich example company and “quick-copy” feature gets you using the software day 1.

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Everything you need is hosted securely in the cloud, and provided with your subscription. You just sign-up and start to use.

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Capture your compliance efforts on the most convenient or most available device. Never miss the opportunity to document evidence of compliance activities near real-time.

iconManage by Exception

Task creation –> assignment –> tracking provide transparency that allows supervisors to focus on the outliers.

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Anyone that can order products on-line and knows their responsibilities can fully use BestGRC with little to no training.

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No long-term commitments or installation costs. Subscriptions are renewed for just 90-day terms.

iconThe Core GRC Suite

Communicate and Manage Objectives

Our Core GRC Suite is a platform to capture, communicate and manage your objectives and make them available to key stakeholders throughout your organization and beyond.

The Suite provides a complete data repository for your process/controls documentation, policy & procedures, Activities/Objectives/Risks/Controls (A/O/R/C) organized by Organizational Unit/Business Process/Auditable Unit.  The suite includes management reporting and dashboards that are designed in an easy to use and flexible format that is available via PC, tablet and mobile.

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Get Started only $1,500 per month

iconControls Management Module

Transparency, Accountability and Insight

Our Controls Management Module is a companion to the core GRC Suite that allows Suite subscribers to define one or more control procedures for each control, assign these procedures to a preparer and reviewer as tasks, and track these tasks to completion. The tasking and reporting acts as a closing calendar but it goes far beyond that to include procedures supporting operational, strategic, fraud prevention, entity-level and other controls. Our goal is to allow our subscribers to define appropriate procedures up front, assign and schedule these as tasks, and then use our dashboard and reports to easily oversee completion of the delegated tasks and manage only the outliers/exceptions.

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Get Started only $600 per month (requires Core GRC Suite)

iconAudit Management

Align Assurance Services with Business Success

Our Audit Management Module is a companion to our GRC Suite that allows Suite subscribers to define one or more audit tests for each control, create audit projects to store all planning/testing/reporting, assign audit tests to a preparer and reviewer as tasks within an audit project, track these tasks to completion, and support exception reporting/tracking. Our goal is to allow our subscribers to manage all of their assessment activity within the GRC Suite and thereby link assessment scope, results and conclusions to individual controls and Auditable Units (Audit Universe).

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Get Started only $600 per month (requires Core GRC Suite)

iconAsset Protection

Ensure Consistent Excellent Performance Throughout Your Enterprise

Our Asset Protection (Loss Prevention) Suite is a platform to define, build, communicate and manage the consistent execution of operational objectives and protection of your company’s physical and human assets. Bring all of your oversight and communications together on one platform available via PC/POS Device/tablet/Smart Phone to all you designate in your enterprise.

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Get Started only $1000 per month
($600 when purchased with Core GRC Suite)

iconLicensing/Royalty Management

Protect Your Brand and Better Understand Licensee Activities

Our Licensing/Royalty Management Module is a platform to compile, manage, analyze and test all aspects of your licensing program. Easily initiate an on-line repository for each of your licensees to store all agreements, contacts, statements and other licensee data. Upload, report and analyze licensee sales/purchase data submissions with our flexible reporting and dashboard. Design and store audit tests, execute licensee audit projects and track all issues to final settlement. The Licensing/Royalty Management Module helps you take your licensing program to the next level for the benefit of your company and your licensees.

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Get Started only $600 per month
($400 when purchased with Core GRC Suite)