Our Asset Protection/Loss Prevention (AP/LP) Suite is a platform to define, build, communicate and manage the consistent execution of operational objectives and protection of your company’s physical and human assets. Bring all of your oversight and communications together on one platform available via PC/POS Device/tablet/Smart Phone to all you designate in your enterprise.
The Suite allows you to:

  • Build audits/checklists with questions and scoring you choose. Define the frequency, due dates, and notification rules and the system notifies all parties of the score or failure to complete. Results are stored on the site. Execute the audits on PC/POS Device Tablet/Smart Phone.
  • Automate your Incident Reporting.
  • Establish an on-line cycle count program to identify theft/loss timely.
  • Establish a test of 3rd-party (e.g., RGIS) physical inventory taking.
  • Automate follow-up/tracking of identified Sales Audit/Inventory Con-trol issues.
  • Automate follow-up/tracking of off-hours entry to stores/facilities.
  • Provide an on-line P&P Manual to stores/facilities.
  • Generate reports using a flexible user interface.


Fact Sheet – Asset Protection