Our Licensing/Royalty Management Module is a platform to compile, man-age, analyze and test all aspects f your licensing program. Easily initiate an on-line repository for each of your licensees to store all agreements, contacts, statements and other licensee data. Upload, report and analyze licensee sales/purchase data submissions with our flexible reporting and dashboard. Design and store audit tests, execute licensee audit projects and track all issues to final settlement. The Licensing/Royalty Management Module helps you take your licensing program to the next level for the benefit of your company and your licensees.

The Licensing/Royalty Management Module allows you to:

  • Analyze and categorize licensee sales/purchases by brand and their customer (e.g., full-price vs. off-price).
  • Identify new customers for review and approval.
  • Review sales trends.
  • Analyze sales by customer (e.g., major department store) consolidated across licensees.
  • Create licensee audit projects and define and assign audit tests as tasks to preparer and reviewer which creates on-line audit status tracking.
  • Store all important documents/reports securely on-line.
  • Create royalty billing invoices and post payments.
  • Generate reports using a flexible user interface.

Fact Sheet – Licensing/Royalty Management